Pismo Software is a Research and Software Development Consultancy firm in Oxford. Our areas of expertise include: virtual reality, 3D computer graphics research, image processing, data analysis, visualisation, IoT solutions, alerting tools and bespoke/open source business solutions.

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Research and Development

Our team has around 20 years of research and development expertise in 3D computer graphics. For our clients, we scope and plan research projects, provide research and development services, undertake feasibility studies, advise on research strategy, assist with patent writing, provide technical documentation and provide innovative solutions.

We have been working with Yulio Technologies to develop novel algorithms that aim to boost the perceieved quality of Virtual Enviroments. The exciting Research and Development consulting we have been doing for them has employed techniques from image processing, pattern matching and 3D reconstruction.

Recently, we've also been working with Switch That to assist with their Switch That One product and other exciting industrial IoT systems

Pismo Software is also a registered supplier of services for the Osney Thermofluids Laboratory.

Software Products

We have a number of business orientated software products. Magpie is a coperative password manager, while Powershare is a document management system. Both rely heavily on encryption and cooperating teams of users.