Cooperative Password Management

Magpie is a Cooperative Password Manager, initially developed as an internal product when we found ourselves overwhelmed by passwords and other sensitive information which we needed to store safely and yet share between individuals. Within a few weeks of the initial prototype we had organised well over a hundred snippets of information company-wide.

We have now redeveloped Magpie to be a Shrink Wrapped product which can be installed and used in only a few minutes. We recommend that you watch our screencast below to see how powerful and simple to use it is.

OSX, Linux and Windows Compatible

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Organise your passwords

Allows secure information to be organised on a centralised server. No more using your mailbox as the place to look for passwords

Share information securely

Information can be shared among individuals who need access. Passwords and other confidential data to be updated without the administrative overhead of notifying team members individually.

Manage access

Allows you to see ‘who knows what’ so that you can better plan for people leaving your organisation. Grant or deny team members access to privileged data with the click of a button.


Strong Encryption is used to secure information internally. You can configure Magpie to use the encryption algorithm of your choice from SSL to double layer 256 bit AES.

Intranet and Extranet Access

Magpie can be accessed through a Web browser, and web links can be emailed instead of actual passwords. This minimises the security risks posed by email hacking, while maintaining high availability of your passwords and privileged information to the right people.


We support storing information, whatever your language, and have application support for Spanish, German, Russian and Swedish… with more to come