Powershare Document Management

Powershare is a Technical, Sales and Marketing collateral management system which lets you share and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents. It provides an intuitive interface for creating new presentations on the go from existing ones.

Since Powershare fully supports an offline mode, you will have access to a huge wealth of documents making working on new presentations much simpler. This facilitates working on presentations whilst on the road, in airports, aeroplanes and hotel rooms.

Whenever you are in the Office or on your Organisation's VPN you can take the opportunity to sync up updates from other users, and share yours. You should never need to have out of date information in your Presentations ever again!

Note that Powershare currently only works with the following Microsoft Office file formats: .docx, .xlsx and .pptx (known as Open XML Microsoft Office Documents)

Share Documents Securely

Documents can be shared among individuals or teams who need access. The Powershare database is encrypted and transmitted securely between approved systems. Access is controlled internally using Public and Private (4096 bit) keys, and documents are encrypted with Symmetric (256 bit) keys.

Keep your Documents internal

The Intellectual Property in your Documents and Slide Decks is vital to your company, so a hosted solution isn't really viable. Powershare is installed on your servers and laptops so that you have control over your data.

Track Versions

Powershare enables users to track versions of documents, as well as comparing revisions to see what changes have been made. Version control is supported through an intuitive interface in which users can examine different revisions through simple filtering.

Assemble New Presentations

Powershare allows you to contruct a mashup presentation from a range of available slide decks. It also maintains the etymology of Presentations, and allows users to standardise the theming across the new mashup.

Manage Access

Access control can be controlled by team managers or nominated delegees. Powershare allows users to configure 'who can see what', and also revoke access when people no longer need access.

Work Offline While You Travel

Powershare can be used in offline mode to access and assemble new presentations while on the road. Local changes can be later synced when network access is available.